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Infrastructure Services Canada

Infrastructure Services

Creating & managing this infrastructure requires a deep understanding of many disciplines. Seeking expertise in all these disciplines requires specialized resources, however having multiple IT vendors, with multiple points of contact and unaligned goals is not a pragmatic solution. Instead of sourcing from multiple vendors to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support your computing environment, trusting your IT infrastructure to us means relying on one company that can help with all aspects of your IT infrastructure and fully understands your business goals.

Application Services Canada

Application Services

Guaranteed uptime and lower costs mean peace of mind. Sleep well at night knowing that you’re covered. We guarantee uptime for critical infrastructure applications and the platform for customer specific application hosting. Take advantage of the lower costs offered by MegmaTech’ managed platform and ensure your data is separate from other customers, thanks to our secure virtualisation technology. Lock down your cloud environment completely by adding Managed Firewalls and SSL VPN. Make the right choice and rely on our high quality services.

IT Support Services Canada

IT Support Services

Whether you’re looking to decrease costs, reduce risk implement or support critical systems, we’re able to help design a plan tailored for you. MegmaTech support services proactively manage potential issues and problems, preventing from happening in the first place. MegmaTech eliminates the scenario of calling and waiting for the “computer guy”. With response times often as short as a few minutes, potential issues and problems are prevented while systems and people remain productive and working.

Security Services Canada

Security Services

We defend your organization from cyberthreats threats by employing customized managed security services to fit your needs. Our managed security services removes the threat of attack on your network by customizing a plan to fit your businesses needs. Our managed security services puts you at ease, knowing you’re safe with themost advanced security technology protecting you at all times. Fueled by insight from customers just like you, we customize our managed security services to fit your needs.


Our continual service improvement

We’re constantly managing and upgrading your IT infrastructure & network so that your business productivity is never hampered by IT issues. By constantly upgrading and improving your information technology services, we guarantee you won’t ever be hamstrung by slow connectivity or similarly problematic issues. At MegmaTech, we align and realign Information Technology services to your business’ changing needs by identifying and implementing improvements to the IT services that support your business processes.
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